At Chailey Free Church we don't have a resident pastor. Instead we have a wide variety of quality speakers visiting us from other local (and some further afield) churches.

Here are a few of our regular speakers...

Peter Cottingham is one of our elders and a regular preacher at Chailey Free Church.

Martin Povey is an evangelist working in the South East.

He is part of the Association of Evangelists. See more here.

Gordon Hamilton is a retired pastor with strong connections with

churches in Sierra Leone through the Countess of Huntingdons Connexion.

Paul Daniels is a regular speaker at Chailey

and no - he's not the magician!

In 2016 Paul will be doing a series on the Faces Of Jesus.

Peter Markby is another regular speak at Chailey.

Simon Allaby is the pastor at Bolney Village Chapel,

and also works for Turn The Page.

Cavan Wood is a RE Teacher in Burgess Hill as well as a Church of England Reader.

Julian Rebera is the pastor of the New Life Church in Brighton

and is one of the Trustees of Chailey Free Church.

John Goodway used to work for Outreach UK as an Evangelist, with his wife Avril.

Erik Cornelisse is a Graphic Designer turn Christian Youth Leader

who brings his special style to his preaching.

Tony Wood has given us the word of God, and is also a great cartoonist!

Richard Brunton is a leader at Living Hope Ministries UK

- a Christian charity that trains and supports preachers all over the world.