The Ten commandments

Post date: 07-Jun-2020 14:08:42

This week's story told by Janet

A craft activity to help the memory

Hand prints with one commandment on each finger

Here’s an idea for remembering the 10 commandments using your fingers!

Food Activity - Stone tablet iced lollies

Have a go at making these delicious summer fruit lollies.  You need to carefully follow the instructions (just like following the Ten Commandments) but they will be worth the wait!

Iced lollies on a plate



Step 1 - Wash and then finely grate the carrots. Place the gratings in the middle of a clean tea towel

Step 2 - Gather up the towel and squeeze the carrot juice into a jug. Set the pulp aside to use in a soup or pie.

Step 3 - Add the orange juice and top up with cold water to make 360ml of liquid. Stir in the orange zest and satsumas.

Step 4 - Pour the juice into your lolly molds (with lolly sticks in place) and place in the freezer. Leave overnight.

Step 5 - Wait for a sunny day and enjoy your vegan, gluten-free lollies in your garden or on a local walk.

Puzzle Activity - Following the Rules

A list of swimming pool rules

Like the swimming pool rules, the Ten Commandments are rules which God gave us to keep us safe and happy.  

Can you spot people breaking rules in the picture below?

People doing silly things at the beach

Song of the week - The Ten Commandment Boogie

This week's animated story - Peter and the Big Breakfast