The Burning Bush

Post date: 27-Apr-2020 06:57:43

This week's story told by Janet

This week's craft - Memory verse in a shoe

God told Moses to remove his shoes when he approached the burning bush. Here is a fun way to practice the memory verse.

Outline of a shoe

Print out the outline of a show. You can find suitable outlines online. This is where we got our one from:

Decorated shoe with memory verse

Decorate it and write the memory verse in the middle of it.

Food craft 1 - Make a fire out of toast and jam!

Burning bush made from toast

Cut off crusts to use as the ground, and cut the jam covered toast to make flames of the burning bush.

Food craft 2 - Thumbprint cookies

An idea for the more adventurous bakers could be thumb print cookies!

song of the week - Two Little Eyes To Look To God

Bob the Bird

This week's animated story

Messy Church Does Science!

Speedy Pepper - a simple experiment to do at home