Cafe Church - March 2015

Post date: 12-Mar-2015 17:24:54

Cafe Church is a talk with a though followed by a delicious afternoon tea. 

Everyone is welcome, both regular church members and visitors. 

There is no charge.

Some more information about the Trochymenko family:


• born & brought up in Ukraine, the eldest of 3 children

• father was a deacon of our church. Though the church was registered, it tasted its fair share of persecution. Children’s & youth work were underground activities because of the Soviet Regime

• came to the UK in 1992 to attend Bible School and study English

• trained as a nurse in Canterbury Christ Church University and worked in the NHS for 10 years

• was involved in our local Community Church (in Folkestone, Kent) for 8 years prior to our departure to Ukraine, on the leadership team


• born & brought in France, the 4th child of English missionaries to France

• married Sasha in 1994. we have 3 children

• studied for degree in English Language & Literature & Anglo-Saxon Civilisations (Université de Lille, Charles de Gaulle) 

• serving in our local Community Church (in Folkestone, Kent) for 8 years prior to our departure to Ukraine, starting up the Sunday School ministry & also involved in the Toddler Group 

We have been serving in Central Ukraine since April 2010. We live in Svitlovodsk and serve in Velyka Andrusivka, a village 25km away. When the Lord called us to this work in Ukraine, He gave us a vision – a short-term one and a long-term one. 

1. Short term: 

• To anchor people in the Word of God “equipping them for every good work” 2 Tim 3 v16 

• To build up the body of believers 

• To “make disciples baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit” Matt 28 

• To establish a children’s & youth ministry as there has never been any such outreach & ministry in the village 

2. Long term: 

• To see Ukrainian men & women being taught & trained to teach others & going forth into villages – which aren’t popular for outreach & church planting among believers in Ukraine in general 

• To see the body of Christ catch the vision of the Gospel being preached, disciples being made, & the power of the Holy Spirit being manifested in Ukraine & further afield 

• To see young people & older folks using the “double edged sword” of the Word of God to grow in maturity & to fight against the enemy Heb 4 v12 & Eph 6 

So far, in the last 4 1⁄2 years our ministry has had a 2 sided aspect: 

1. in the village: 

• remodeling the church premises from dangerous (live wires, broken window panes in reach of children, uneven clay floors) to safe (tiled floors, new electrical system, adequate heating) 

• remodeling of technical buildings (garage, animal sheds) to habitable 

• Started Sunday school teaching after Youth from other churches in town premises for use by Ukrainian missions teams (so far), rest and respite for pastors/full-time workers and at present, Sunday school use helped out this past summer in a Children’s Holiday Club (first of its kind in the area) in the village as part of our Missions’ week 

2. other ministry: 

• facilitating and training youth in missions, worship and children’s work

• Bible teaching (men and women) in other churches in the region (Kirovohradska Oblast)