Baby Moses

Post date: 18-Apr-2020 18:43:07

This week's story told by Janet

This week's craft - Moses-the-river model

Model of Moses in a basket in the river

Make a picture of baby Moses sailing down the river Nile in his basket?  You could use a cake case for the basket like we have here or you might have a better idea.  Send us a picture of your craft and we can put it on the website for everybody to see.

This week's food craft - Moses-in-the-basket cupcakes


 - Shredded wheat

 - Chocolate

 - Jelly babies

1. Place crushed up shredded wheat in a bowl.


2. Place some chocolate in a microwaveable container and cook for 30 seconds, stir then 15 seconds until melted. It burns quickly so be careful.


3. Mix chocolate and shredded wheat, then put the mixture in cake cases to make baskets


4. Place Moses in the baskets!

Dave the Donkey

This week's animated story

Song of the week - Where is baby Moses?