More plagues!

Post date: 10-May-2020 18:56:41

This Week's story told by Janet

Food Craft - Make a tasty locust!

A locust made from Swiss roll and matchmakers

You could have a go at making a locust to eat.

Cover a mini Swiss roll with green buttercream icing (or you could use

chocolate icing if you prefer, as locusts are quite often brown!)

Use chocolate matchstick sweets to make the antennae and legs and use a

grape cut in half for the eyes. Enjoy!

Paper or material craft

Numbers 1 to 10, made from paper or material

Here is an idea for showing all the plagues that God sent on the Egyptians when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go. Cut out numbers and decorate them with the right plague:

1.     River turned to blood

2.     Frogs

3.     Gnats

4.     Flies

5.     Death of the animals

6.     Boils

7.     Hail

8.     Locusts

9.     Darkness

10.   Death of the first born

Song of the Week - Go Down Moses

This week's animated story - Peter and the Rooster

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