more recent events

A church BBQ held in the garden of one of the members.
The photo shows a small part of the garden and of those who very much enjoyed the food and fellowship.
 Derek Heyman describing the Jewish priests robes recorded in the Old Testament and their meaning for Christians today.

This was full of interest, information and humour.
 The Hall set up before the carol Service started. The food was laid out on the middle tables, tea and coffee was made in the kitchen. It was eaten sitting by the round tables. There was plenty left over at the end.
 Part of the congregation at the Carol Service. The singing was great, the talk was great and the food after was great.
 Harvest Festival is a lovely time and this year was no exception. The tables groaned with gifts of food to be given to those in need.  They will be distributed by the Brighton Food Bank.

This is one way we can say "thank you" to our Heavenly Father for his blessings to us through the past year.
 The 2013 Church BBQ was held in the middle of Chailey. There was a large attendance in the lovely garden. The food was indescribably good, beautifully cooked and with delicious puddings. The weather was 'sun and showers' which contributed to the interest.

Our thanks to those who worked so hard and our thanks to God for bringing us all together. 
On Sunday July 14th July in the church. A congregation of around 100 people witnessed the dedication of this sweet little baby. In fact some of us had to sit outside.
Our prayers are for her and her parents that they will dedicate their lives to the service of Jesus Christ.

Just before Christmas 2012 we arranged an informal games evening in the church hall. It was a very cold night but nice and snug inside.

A table tennis table and a snooker table were set up which provided some exercise
whilst showing very clearly our lack of skill. The board games on the tables tested our knowledge and ingenuity, we were somewhat better at them.

The ladies provided heaps of delighteful refreshments, we went home well satisfied but rather late.

It was a happy evening of fun and friendship.

 Several men joined the regulars for a magnificent Breakfast in September 2012. They were made very welcome and we hope they enjoyed the meal and talk. We just, and only just got everybody in. Will and Jill came back all the way from Cypress to cook the food  -  and it was good. We give them a warm 'thank you' and to Marcel their son who assisted.

The Speaker, Tim Hill has an exceptional gift for wit and the ability to sustain interest. He told of some of his experiences as a Voluntary Olympic Chaplain. The places he was sent to, the people he talked to and his accounts of sharing the Good News of Jesus were amazing.

We look forward to our next Men's Breakfast, all men are welcome - we should appreciate a phone call beforehand so we can get the catering right.  01444 471600.
 This was our second Cafe Church in the Village Hall. An interesting group of church people and others attended. There was plenty of food with coffee and tea. The children were occupied with various actvities. Peter Markby gave an informal helpful talk illustrated with numerous overhead projector illustrations.

We are grateful we can use such a well-equipped building with plenty of parking from time to time.

The next Cafe Church is December 2nd in the afternoon and will have a Christingle theme.
 On the second Sunday in August after morning service we went for a barbecue in the unique setting of MANNS FARM. It was a magnificent time. The food was great in quality, quantity and variety. The weather was fine and the company congenial.

It was a time of relaxation  and conversation. Some studied the wild life, others inspected the steel sculptures and we all got to know each other better.

We are deeply indebted to Charlie and Anne for their hard and skilled work

Later we retired to CfC to thank God for his goodness to us.

 The first Cafe Church was held in the Village Hall in July. It was well attended and  lovely to see so many young children, there was lots of things for them to do whilst their parents listened to the talk.
This was given by Derek Heyman who was brilliant with the aid of his puppet keeping the interest of old and young.

The food was plentiful, tea and coffee hot. The informal atmosphere and good company allowed us to relax and learn a little more abour our Christian faith.

Next one ~ September 16th ~ Don't miss it!
 The June Men's Breakfast was well attended and beautifully cooked by Will ably assisted by Val and two charming young ladies acting as waitresses.

The speaker was concluding his unfinished talk from the last Men's Breakfast. He told of his experiences when cycling round the UK for charity. He was incredibly amusing and held us all spellbound. We were sorry when he stopped.

We look forward to the next men's breakfast.
 To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, Chailey Free Church and St Peters organised a joint Sunday morning service on the Village Green. It rained. That was no deterant. We took refuge in the lovely church building, there was a large congregation who enjoyed an excellent service.

We thank St Peter's for providing the beautiful facilities and look forward to another combined service soon.

 An unfortunate accident. We thank God no one was hurt when this lorry swerved on the A275, smashed the fence and stopped just short of the carpark. It happened  on a rare occasion when a funeral meal was being prepared and there were a lot of people about.

We are sorry for the driver and any who were affected by the accident.

 Over the Christmas season 2011 the church arranged several special events. One of the most popular was on Christmas Eve when a number of friends were invited to a meal and  carols by candlelight. The photo shows  some of the guests enjoying their meal.