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Welcome to Messy Church Online 
from the Chailey Messy Church Team

Every Monday we will add a new page with a story, some activities and some songs. 
And if you send us pictures of anything you have made or done, we will post them here to share with everyone else.

The Story Of Moses
We will be telling the story of Moses in 12 parts. 

Click on the links below to go to each week's installment and the activities that go with it.

Monday 13th April - Slavery in Egypt
Monday 20th April - Baby Moses
Monday 27th April - The Burning Bush
Monday 4th May - The First Plagues
Monday 11th May - More Plagues
Monday 18th May - The Final Plague
Monday 25th May - Escape and Parting the Sea
Monday 1st June - Manna and Quails
Monday 8th June - The Ten Commandments
Monday 15th June - The Golden Calf
Monday 22nd June - Water and Snakes
Monday 29th June - Exploring the Promised Land

Will we have ended our captivity by the end of this series?

WhatsApp logoWe would like to set up a WhatsApp group for our Messy Families so that you can chat with each other and we can bring you updates and news. If you are interested in joining, then you will need to email us your name and mobile number to
Memory Verse - Joshua 1 verse 9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
When we meet again at the church, we will see if anyone has learnt the memory verse.

The Lords Prayer
Here is the Lords Prayer with actions, which we use at Messy Church.

Exploring the Promised Land

posted 29 Jun 2020, 00:31 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 29 Jun 2020, 00:33 ]

This week's story told by Janet

Twelve Spies Craft Activity
Binoculars made from toilet roll tubes

You too can be a spy like Joshua and Caleb! Have a go at making some binoculars.

Just decorate two toilet roll tubes – perhaps you could stick some pictures of grapes on them to remind you of the grapes the spies picked. Glue the tubes together and then make a hole in each and thread some string or wool through so that you can hang them round your neck. 

This week's animated story - Echidnas on Everest

This week's song - Twelve Men Went To Spy In Canaan

Water and Snakes

posted 22 Jun 2020, 01:32 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 22 Jun 2020, 01:33 ]

This week's story told by Janet

Food Craft - Spicy Snakes on a Stick
A bread snake twisted around a skewer

To make these, you will need the following:
  • wooden skewers
  • 1 can (11 oz.) of breadstick dough (or crescent roll dough may be substituted)
  • raisins
  • ground cinnamon
  • cooking spray
Preheat oven to 190 degrees and line a baking tray with aluminum foil. Spray wooden skewers with cooking spray so the “snakes” will slide off easily. Wrap a strip of dough around a skewer, pinching one end for a tail and leaving a large head on the other end.

Next, press two raisins onto the head for eyes. Some may come loose during baking, but they can be placed back on the head or secured with a small drop of honey after removing them from the oven.

Next, sprinkle some ground cinnamon along the snakes’ bodies.

Now they are ready to bake. Bake in a preheated oven for 13-18 minutes. You will want them to be nicely browned, but not overdone. When finished baking, pick up a skewer and carefully slide the snake off.

Now it’s snack time!

Craft Activity - Bubble Snake
  1. Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle.
  2. Cut a flannel down to a size that will fit over the cut part of the bottle and attach with an elastic band.
  3. Mix up some washing up liquid and water in a bowl and dip the bottle in, flannel side down.
  4. Blow down through the neck end to create a foam snake. You may need to adjust the ratio but if you do it correctly you can make snakes over five feet long!
  5.  If you dot the flannel with different food colourings then you can get rainbow bubble snakes.
A snake of foam bubbles

This week's animated story - Peter Fisherman

This week's song - My God is so BIG
Young kids version

Older kids version

The Golden Calf

posted 15 Jun 2020, 01:23 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 15 Jun 2020, 01:24 ]

This week's story told by Janet

Craft activity - Make a Golden Calf
A Golden Calf made from paper plates
1. Use a paper plate folded in half for a body
2. add pegs for legs
3. Cut out face from another plate (or paper) and stick it on.
4. Colour the calf yellow (golden)

Food Activity - Sweet Mini Pizzas
Sweet mini pizza recipe
(click image to enlarge it)

This week's animated story - The image of God

Song of the week - Old MacDonald had a Farm

The Ten commandments

posted 7 Jun 2020, 07:08 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 15 Jun 2020, 01:25 ]

This week's story told by Janet

A craft activity to help the memory
Hand prints with one commandment on each finger

Here’s an idea for remembering the 10 commandments using your fingers!

Food Activity - Stone tablet iced lollies

Have a go at making these delicious summer fruit lollies.  You need to carefully follow the instructions (just like following the Ten Commandments) but they will be worth the wait!

Iced lollies on a plate

  • Five large carrots
  • Juice of three large oranges
  • Zest of one orange
  • One satsuma, peeled and chopped
Step 1 - Wash and then finely grate the carrots. Place the gratings in the middle of a clean tea towel
Step 2 - Gather up the towel and squeeze the carrot juice into a jug. Set the pulp aside to use in a soup or pie.
Step 3 - Add the orange juice and top up with cold water to make 360ml of liquid. Stir in the orange zest and satsumas.
Step 4 - Pour the juice into your lolly molds (with lolly sticks in place) and place in the freezer. Leave overnight.
Step 5 - Wait for a sunny day and enjoy your vegan, gluten-free lollies in your garden or on a local walk.

Puzzle Activity - Following the Rules
A list of swimming pool rules

Like the swimming pool rules, the Ten Commandments are rules which God gave us to keep us safe and happy.  

Can you spot people breaking rules in the picture below?

People doing silly things at the beach

Song of the week - The Ten Commandment Boogie

This week's animated story - Peter and the Big Breakfast

Manna and Quails

posted 1 Jun 2020, 00:11 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 1 Jun 2020, 00:12 ]

This week's story told by Janet

A puzzle - Manna Mania!
(click to enlarge)
A puzzle about Manna

Food activity - Manna Biscuits
(click to enlarge)
Recipe for Manna Biscuits

Song of the week - Thank You Lord For This New Day

This week's animated story - Mary and the Gardener

Escape and Parting the Sea

posted 24 May 2020, 21:56 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 24 May 2020, 22:04 ]

The sea closing in over the chariots

This Week's story told by Janet

Craft Activity - Crossing the Red Sea

Song of the week - How did Moses cross the Read Sea?

This week's animated story - Claudia the Caterpillar

The Final Plague

posted 18 May 2020, 01:09 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 18 May 2020, 01:11 ]

This Week's story told by Janet

Paper and paint craft - Have a Heart
A read heart with hand prints inside it
God wants us to have a heart that loves him unlike Pharaoh who had a hard heart. Cut a heart out of some red paper (or colour in a red heart on white paper). Cover your hands in some paint (make sure you wash them afterwards!) and make a handprint. Write your name if you love God.

Food Craft - Lamb burgers
Click the instructions below to enlarge them and make some yummy lamb burgers.
 Lamb burger instructions 2

Song of the Week - Joy is the flag

This week's animated story - The Way of The Cross

More plagues!

posted 10 May 2020, 11:56 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 11 May 2020, 00:19 ]

This Week's story told by Janet

Food Craft - Make a tasty locust!
A locust made from Swiss roll and matchmakers

You could have a go at making a locust to eat.
Cover a mini Swiss roll with green buttercream icing (or you could use
chocolate icing if you prefer, as locusts are quite often brown!)
Use chocolate matchstick sweets to make the antennae and legs and use a
grape cut in half for the eyes. Enjoy!

Paper or material craft
Numbers 1 to 10, made from paper or material
Here is an idea for showing all the plagues that God sent on the Egyptians when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go. Cut out numbers and decorate them with the right plague:

1.     River turned to blood

2.     Frogs

3.     Gnats

4.     Flies

5.     Death of the animals

6.     Boils

7.     Hail

8.     Locusts

9.     Darkness

10.   Death of the first born

Song of the Week - Go Down Moses

This week's animated story - Peter and the Rooster

Messy Church Does Science!
Rainbow Discs

The First Plagues

posted 3 May 2020, 09:24 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 3 May 2020, 09:26 ]

This week's story told by Janet

Food craft - Apple Frogs
Why not have a go at making some apple and grape frogs to remind you of one of the plagues God sent on Egypt.
Frogs made from apples on a plate

Get an adult to help you cut out some apple segments and attach grapes to them for eyes and feet with cocktail sticks.  You could use currants for the black pupils. Enjoy this healthy snack!

Puzzle craft - Hieroglyphics
Click on the image below to enlarge

song of the week - Frogs here, frogs there

This week's animated story - Tina the Tree

Messy Church Does Science!
Eggstraordinary - another simple experiment to do at home

The Burning Bush

posted 26 Apr 2020, 23:57 by Dave Caughley   [ updated 27 Apr 2020, 00:01 ]

This week's story told by Janet

This week's craft - Memory verse in a shoe
God told Moses to remove his shoes when he approached the burning bush. Here is a fun way to practice the memory verse.
Outline of a shoe
Print out the outline of a show. You can find suitable outlines online. This is where we got our one from:

Decorated shoe with memory verse
Decorate it and write the memory verse in the middle of it.

Food craft 1 - Make a fire out of toast and jam!
Burning bush made from toast
Cut off crusts to use as the ground, and cut the jam covered toast to make flames of the burning bush.

Food craft 2 - Thumbprint cookies
An idea for the more adventurous bakers could be thumb print cookies!
Thumbprint cookies

song of the week - Two Little Eyes To Look To God

Bob the Bird
This week's animated story

Messy Church Does Science!
Speedy Pepper - a simple experiment to do at home

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